7 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Your Presents Stand Out on Special Occasions

1. Rectangular gift wrapping with origami paper ribbon-bow decoration. How to wrap a gift box with a ribbon made from wrapping paper.

BOX SIZE- H-6cm/2.3” L-16 cm/6.2” W-11cm/4.3 RIBBON BOW SIZE- 14*14cm/5.5”:5.5”.

2. Stylish gift box wrapping with flower and mizuhiki string decoration.

3. Gift wrapping with vivid antique lace decoration on a gift box for your loved ones packing presents.

4. Gift wrapping blooming flower. Gift box decoration ideas for special presents.

5. Gift packing naturaleza you. How to wrap a gift box with paper flower decoration.

6. Will You Marry Me? GIFT WRAPPING. Square small decorative gift box for unique presents.

7. Gift wrapping autumn coffee. Colors for gift packing with wrapping paper & paper craft band.